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SharkFarmer Podcast

An awesome podcast about Agriculture, Farming, and Rural life 

Aug 30, 2016

Chyenne Smith from Utah talks about her successful use of social media and that pesky Bigfoot.


9:45 branding cattle

15:07 some amazing advice for agvocating 

33:51 bigfoot

34:56 calculator fun

Aug 23, 2016

Randy Uhrmacher talks farming and strange Nebraska traditions.

Time stamps:

6:44 What the heck is a runza?

11:26 Farming after the early 80's

16:05 Randy's views on agvocating 

Aug 16, 2016

Angie Setzer (Goddess of Grain) lays the smackdown on agvocacy and grain analyst... all while holding a baby.

Plus the greatest knock knock joke ever!!!

Time stamps:

13:16 The Bachelor 

16:45 Agvocates 

28:02 Market Analyst 

Aug 9, 2016

Sean Harmon has never been afraid to share his views on agvocates. Here he is unfiltered....


8:22 Agvocates 

18:22 Involvement in farm organizations 

25:52 Spinal leak 

Aug 2, 2016

Lesley Kelly talks agvocating and the definition of the word gitch 


14:25 dealing with consumers 

20:25 going viral

33:34 whats a gitch???