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SharkFarmer Podcast

An awesome podcast about Agriculture, Farming, and Rural life 

Dec 31, 2019

How does a kid from Spanish Harlem end up selling seed corn in Nebraska?

Listen to the incredible story of Andrew Rodriguez and how Football and his older brother changed his life.

Dec 24, 2019

Here it is.... The Christmas episode!!!
From John Deere colored trees to present shaming... this one has it all
Merry Christmas!!!!!

Stories from
Mark Kannmacher

Dec 17, 2019

Imagine living in a camper with 6 kids and your spouse...

listen as I talk to Suzanne Swift-Cook, first generation farmer

Dec 3, 2019

Is it possible to be born a farmer without being from a farm family?

Would you walk into random grocery stores trying to create a market for yourself?

Listen as I talk with Gavin Spoor about his path to becoming a farmer