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SharkFarmer Podcast

An awesome podcast about Agriculture, Farming, and Rural life 

Jun 29, 2021

"Relax it's a joke"
"Do you farm rice?"
"You're not white enough"
"You're just a poser"

Listen as I talk to TikTok sensation Noah, The Korean Farmer

Jun 22, 2021

Has your farm pivoted away from standard corn and soybeans to be more profitable?

Listen as I talk with Michigan farmer Claire Smith, about her venture into growing teff.

Jun 8, 2021

Imagine being denied the necessary water for your crops... just because your area has become a political football.

Listen as I talk with Oregon farmer Mike McKoen, and California farmer Scott Seus

Jun 1, 2021

Do veterinarians deserve to have a personal life?

With fatigue, burnout, and a career full of hard choices, veterinarians have one of the highest suicide rates in the country. Listen as I talk with Dr. Kimberly Stevens DVS